How to create a personal brand as a serial entrepreneur.

We live in a time where the words ‘serial entrepreneur’ are used by many, especially millennials.

It’s a term I use myself because there’s no better way to describe an entrepreneur managing different businesses and constantly on the lookout to start new ventures.

I run a creative consultancy, I’m the co-founder of a publication, I write and I also plan to relaunch my fashion business soon.

Many Gulf millennials are multi-talented, managing different entities at the same time. An Emirati acquaintance of mine is an interior designer and also a fashion designer and home accessories product designer. Another runs a department store, while also working as a fashion consultant on the side. A relative works as an engineer by day while managing a production company at night.

While this all shows great initiative, we have all faced issues when it comes to personal branding. So, how do you brand yourself to ensure your clients are not confused about what you actually do.

Step one: build your personal brand

If your business is all about what you can offer, then invest in your personal brand. When customers buy your service, they are buying it because of you. You are the product basically. Take time to work on your biography, which should highlight what you want to be known for.

Step two: post it online

The first thing potential clients will do before meeting you is to Google you as the founder of the business. Therefore, it’s a wise move to have a website preferably with a domain in your name. Your website should include your biography, recent publications if any, a contact form, upcoming events and a page dedicated to the businesses you run.

Step three: have a presence on social media

Many acquaintances hate being on social media, but they still engage for the sake of their businesses. You don’t have to feature on every channel, but make sure you appear on those relevant to your business and target audience. If you already have a personal account, I recommend starting a separate account for your business – one that would contain the information you want to share with your clients.